GTX 870 Benchmarks Leaked, RGB LED Razer Peripherals, Sierra Entertainment LIVES - Netlinked Daily

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  • Author: NCIXcom


Razer puts some really cool looking RGB LEDs into 3 of their top end peripherals. Honestly they're so purdy. Also Sierra Entertainment is back from the dead....

Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870

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  • Author: hickok45


A look at some of the differences between two of the most popular shotguns on the planet! While both of these have some specific features that not all Mossbe...

Range Day: SRM-1216, Tavor 9mm & Bullpup Unlimited 870

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  • Author: Military Arms Channel


I take the SRM 1216, Tavor 9mm conversion and Bullpup Unlimited 870 shotgun out for some testing. Ammo by: Bullpup Unlimited arti...

MagPul 870 that I like and some stuff I HATE!

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  • Author: James Yeager

Tags: FACEBOOK ME! GOT QUESTIONS? ASK HERE: See all the place...

Remington 870 vs Mossberg 500/590

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  • Author: Iraqveteran8888


Which one is better? You decide and tell us in the comments below what YOU think... Barry's shirt can be purchased from http://www...

Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge Shotgun

  • Length: 2:13
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  • Author: tnoutdoors9


Brief intro for a basic configuration of the venerable Remington 870, followed by some shooting! I could not think of a better method for illustrating the ve...

Should I wait for the GTX 880? GTX 870 even? The Upgrader's Paradigm

  • Length: 10:11
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  • Author: Tech YES City


Welcome back to Yes city, this is DocEze coming back to you guys with a vlog about my thoughts on the GTX 880 and the GTX 870 and what to expect from Maxwell...

Wilson Combat 870 - Loading a Shotgun in Combat

  • Length: 9:47
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  • Author: James Yeager


I use my BADASS Wilson Combat 870 to simulate running a shotgun empty while fighting a horde of zombies.If you have questions join our discussion forum and l...

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