An Ebola Joke = Felony Conviction In Ohio

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"Why did Emanuel Smith, 60, of Cleveland, Ohio go to the casino last week? To avoid his Ebola-stricken ex-wife, he allegedly joked. It's not very funny, but nor is the fact that he got hit...

Justin Bieber Has An Interesting New Friend!

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Our camera guy got Justin Bieber talking to former Chicago hit man Frank Cullotta. What could these two possibly be talking about?

Xbox One Dashboard Gets An Update - The Know

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The dashboard is finally customizable - sorta. What are you going to change yours to? Get the full update details here: ...

Love is an Open Door - in Real Life (Frozen Cover)

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Bloopers: buy this song cover! Mia and Anson perform Love is an ...

14 Objects Thicker Than an iPad Air 2 | Mashable

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The new iPad Air 2 is the Apple's thinnest tablet yet, at just 6.1 millimeters, or 0.24 of an inch. But how thin is it in comparison to these 14 everyday objects?

What if "Gravity Falls" was an anime

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Based from the show "Gravity Falls" by Disney. ( (Episode: Golf War) Animation Breakdown:

Board Game Breakfast: Episode 47 - An Ode to Designers

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the news of the week and more, joined by a host of contributors! See the Jack Vasel Auction HERE!!

An Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala dies after crazy wrong goal celebration BVT 2 - 3 Chanmari

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Awful! RIP Peter Biaksangzuala An Indian footballer dies after a somersault goal celebration goes horribly wrong [Video] SHOCKING: An Indian footballer dies after a somersault goal celebration...

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