Greatest Rally of Time No 1 Emirates ATP Rankings

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Watch a rally between the 25 players to have held No. 1 in the Emirates ATP Rankings. On 7 July 2014, Novak Djokovic returned to No. 1.

ATP Classics: Nadal vs. Federer - How It All Began

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On the 10th anniversary of their first meeting, we look at the first two clashes between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, which both came at the Sony Open in ...

Grigor Dimitrov vs Stan Wawrinka 1/2 Final Queens ATP World Tour 2014 Full Match

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ATP - Adenosina Trifosfato

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Mais aulas gratuitas em: ...

ATP Synthase: The power plant of the cell

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The Intelligent Design of Molecular Machines in the Cell: ATP Synthase is a molecular machine found in many living organisms. It serves as a miniature power-...

The ATP Forehand versus the WTA Forehand & the evolution of the Forehand

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THIS IS A LONG VIDEO 27 MINUTES For more videos like this one go to and Join our growing tennis community for only $7.99 per month.

ATP - Akku des Lebens

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ATP ist ein besonderes Molekül. Es begegnet einem unter anderem in der Fotosynthese und der Zellatmung. Wie dieses Molekül funktioniert, und warum man es auc...

ATP World Tour Uncovered Nick Kyrgios

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ATP World Tour Uncovered speaks to Nick Kyrgios, who beat Rafael Nadal en route to the Wimbledon quarter-finals.

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