It's good to be anti-Islam

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but not anti-Muslim. Christians burned alive, beheaded, crucified and tortured to death

Muslims go crazy during anti-islamic movie sweden

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I want to take you to a gay bar plays onthe film, Muslims says its porn, violence breaks out with a woman screaming "Allah u Akbar"

What Would You Do?: Anti-Muslim Harassment

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"What's your name, Obama?" a young man asks a Middle Eastern-looking deli clerk.

Bill Maher vs. Anti-Muslim Woman

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Bill Maher vs. Anti-Muslim Woman.

Anti-muslim Extremists Invades UK Mosques

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Representatives of Britain First, an offshoot of the British National party that is contesting this month's local and European elections, carried out what th...

anti muslim street preacher @ ground zero on 9 11

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anti muslim street preacher @ ground zero on 9 11 - another reason to arrest bush - his failure on 9-11 - freedom of religion means freedom from religion.

Vicious Anti-Muslim Ads

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Islamophobia has become a major talking point in political campaigns where now they're framing Muslims as some sort of enemy lurking within the US to get mid...

Fox News' Ignoramus: The Anti-Muslim, Anti-Fact Reza Aslan Interview Goes Viral

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Cliven Bundy's White-Militia: What Would Happen if an Armed 'Black-Militia' Decided to Harass a Town Full of White People?:

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