Australian English

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Though a large portion of the world speaks English, it's amazing just how different each (English Speaking) country's language really is. TJ http://twitter.c...

Australian Girl Shocked By American Junk Food

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Australian girl tries American junk food and freaks out! Turns out I get easily excited (as usual) and am quite impressed with most of the foods I got to try...

Americans Taste Test Australian Food

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Buzzfeed Australia sent us some snacks! Obviously, we had to try them on camera. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: htt...

Ellen Meets an Australian Fan!

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She flew up from Down Under -- only a few hours ago! Ellen met a fan from Sydney, who taught her how to dance like a kangaroo. Find out how you can win a tri...

Young Australian Males Part 2/2

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(Part 2) We interviewed Young Aussie Males from a variety of backgrounds. Tickets to Shows: N...

"Australian Memories" - Gabriel Iglesias - Standup Revolution

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SUB me baby: Thanks for watching! Here's all my social info.... If you want to take ou...

How to Pronounce Australian City Names

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A lot of tourists have trouble pronouncing some of the Australian city names, especially Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra. At the request of a viewer, I pro...

How To Speak Australian

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  • Author: Marcus Butler


Marcus and Zoella learn how to speak australian slang! Watch our other video: Click LIKE if you enjoy it :) Follo...

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