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Mrs Cow - The Farm Song for Kids, Children's Music

  • Length: 2:40
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  • Author: The Children s Kingdom


Children's music from the farm. Find us on Facebook ▻ Follow us on Twitter ▻

cows & cows & cows

  • Length: 2:15
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  • Author: cyriak


surreal bovine choreography. No cows were harmed during the making of this video, though their future prospects probably aren't as optimistic. music is available here:

The Cow Goes Moo - Cow, For Kids

  • Length: 5:6
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  • Author: Luli TV - Videos for your baby


A lion, turtle, fish, cow, bird, bear, chick, mouse, elephant, cat, dog, hippo, kangaroo and many more - this animated series introduces infants to the world of animals. Each episode presents...

Amazing Smart Cows Compilation 2014 [NEW]

  • Length: 2:3
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  • Author: mihaifrancu


A smart cow, intelligent cow is also a funny cow. Check out these amazing funny smart cows videos compilation.

Oops I let the cow in...

  • Length: 6:10
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  • Author: Billie jo decker


5yr old lets pet cow on house..without mom knowing.

Guinness World Record: The World's Shortest Cow

  • Length: 2:49
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  • View Count: 236048
  • Author: Barcroft TV


Guinness World Record: The World's Shortest Cow SUBSCRIBE: THIS mini moo-er is officially the world's shortest cow. Measuring only 61.5 centimetres from the hoof to...

Happy cows at Wyke Farms doing the Spring dance

  • Length: 1:55
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  • Author: wykecheddarcheese


The cows at Wyke Farms love the spring time so much they do a merry dance into the field!

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