SVD Dragunov

  • Length: 19:47
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  • Author: Military Arms Channel


David Fortier and I take a look at the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle. The SVD Dragunov is one of the most prolific sniper rifles on the modern battlefield. It ha...

Soviet Dragunov Sniper Rifle

  • Length: 1:21
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  • Author: MarstarCanada


Soviet Dragunov Sniper Rifle Cal: 7.62 x 54 R Marstar Canada

Poor Man's SVD Dragunov or Overgrown AK-47? - The Romanian PSL 54C Romak 3

  • Length: 6:52
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  • View Count: 197506
  • Author: TinHatRanch


Is the Romanian PSL a poor man's SVD Dragunov? Is it truly a sniper rifle? Join us as we take a look at the Romak 3 or PSL-54C. What does it share in common ...

Dragunov vs. PSL The Truth !!! .MOV

  • Length: 48:42
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  • View Count: 83953
  • Author: ChromeFreak123


My friend John and I, who happens to own both of these beautiful rifles, thought that this was a video that needed to be made. I think John is the most knowl...

(Real Gun) Shots with SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle

  • Length: 1:11
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  • Author: ScarFab94


Shots with the SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle. Great snipe with high kick. The accuracy is fantasctic ! GoPro mode R5 (1080p/30fps) A video "Fab Production".

Real Sword SVD (Dragunov) Review and Shooting

  • Length: 13:43
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  • View Count: 5315
  • Author: BrainExploder


In this review I go over what's in the box when you order the Real Sword SVD. I also give my opinion on the rifle as well as go over its features both positi...

DRAGUNOV EPS 01 Libya مسلسل دراجنوف الحلقة الأولى ليبيا

  • Length: 39:33
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  • View Count: 29993
  • Author: Dragunov


مسلسل دراجنوف مسلسل درامي ليبي يؤرخ لمرحلة ما قبل الثورة ومرحلة الثورة وما بعدها من الناحية الاجتماعية وتأثرها بالثورة وتداعياتها في اضخم انتاج درامي ليبي وأ...

Deleted Dragunov Scene

  • Length: 1:49
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  • View Count: 49361
  • Author: joske103


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