SVD Dragunov

  • Length: 19:47
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David Fortier and I take a look at the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle. The SVD Dragunov is one of the most prolific sniper rifles on the modern battlefield. It ha...

Poor Man's SVD Dragunov or Overgrown AK-47? - The Romanian PSL 54C Romak 3

  • Length: 6:52
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  • Author: TinHatRanch


Is the Romanian PSL a poor man's SVD Dragunov? Is it truly a sniper rifle? Join us as we take a look at the Romak 3 or PSL-54C. What does it share in common ...

Soviet Dragunov Sniper Rifle

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  • Author: MarstarCanada


Soviet Dragunov Sniper Rifle Cal: 7.62 x 54 R Marstar Canada

Dragunov vs. PSL The Truth !!! .MOV

  • Length: 48:42
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  • Author: ChromeFreak123


My friend John and I, who happens to own both of these beautiful rifles, thought that this was a video that needed to be made. I think John is the most knowl...

MADE in the USSR: SVD - Dragunov Sniper Rifle! (English subtitles)

  • Length: 11:29
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  • Author: BitnikGr


SVD - Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova. It was created almost 60 years ago, but it's still is a main sniper rifle of the Russian Army. Sniper business is an e...

Izhmash Dragunov Tigr ( SVD ) part 3/3

  • Length: 10:53
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  • Author: Grantman


My Russian Izhmash Dragunov Tigr with full SVD length 620mm barrel as obtainable from the factory and available here in New Zealand. Part 3: Ammunition and s...

dragunov.sniper vn

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  • Author: lê Hải


(Real Gun) Shots with SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle

  • Length: 1:11
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  • Author: ScarFab94


Shots with the SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle. Great snipe with high kick. The accuracy is fantasctic ! GoPro mode R5 (1080p/30fps) A video "Fab Production".

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