The Eurozone Crisis Explained

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  • Author: Nikhil Kapadia


A video about the Eurozone and how it affects the United States. Works Cited Amadeo, Kimberly. "What Is the Greece Debt Crisis?" US Economy. About....

Can and Should the Eurozone Survive?

  • Length: 91:50
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  • Author: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


Speaker(s): Lionel Barber Chair: Professor Wouter den Haan Recorded on 7 November 2013 in Old Theatre, Old Building. After four successive crisis years, an e...

Venture Capital: Eurozone 2014 - Deja Vu All Over Again? (E23)

  • Length: 12:16
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  • Author: RT


In the first Venture Capital show of 2014 Katie Pilbeam finds out what is in store for the Eurozone this year. Will weak economic growth, high unemployment a...

The Eurozone Debt Crisis

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  • Author: YaleUniversity


Professor Cameron is the Director of the Yale Program in European Union Studies. He teaches courses on European politics and the European Union. He discusses...

Is the Eurozone crisis over?

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  • Author: Earth NewS


A lot has changed in the Eurozone over the past two years. In 2013, Ireland emerged from its bailout, and Portugal hopes to follow suit in 2014. The sense of...

Does Germany Want to Split-up the Eurozone?

  • Length: 3:57
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  • Author: KnowledgeAtWharton


Shock drop in March eurozone inflation increases pressure for action from ECB - economy

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  • Author: euronews (in English)


There is confirmation that eurozone inflation last month fell to its lowest level since November 2009. Year-on-year the inflation rate was just half of one percent, down from February's 0.7...

Crisis in the Eurozone: How Did It Begin?

  • Length: 2:10
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  • Author: Foreign Policy Association


When a crippled Greece received its first bailouts from the IMF and Eurozone countries, the debt crisis in Europe was in full swing. The origins of the crisi...

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