Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

  • Length: 2:46
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  • View Count: 33373660
  • Author: AnthillArt


An amazing sculpture is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony. The resulting cast is huge, weighing 17.9 lbs. and reaching a depth of 18 inches. See detailed pictures of the...

Amazon Fire Phone Review

  • Length: 24:35
  • Rating Average: 4.8647885' max='5' min='1' numRaters='355' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 8616
  • Author: MobileTechReview


Lisa Gade reviews the Amazon Fire Phone, available in the US on AT&T. This is Amazon's first phone, and like their Fire tablets, it runs Amazon Fire OS 3.5, a heavily customized version of...

Amazon Fire Phone Review

  • Length: 13:20
  • Rating Average: 4.737374' max='5' min='1' numRaters='198' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 4020
  • Author: PhoneArena


For more details, check out our web site: Amazon isn't just an online retailer anymore selling goods and products, that's...

Under fire in Gaza as Hamas ceasefire stalls - BBC News

  • Length: 2:54
  • Rating Average: 3.1538463' max='5' min='1' numRaters='13' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 2628
  • Author: BBC News


This video contains some disturbing images* Ian Pannell reports on the intense bombardment in Gaza. A 24-hour ceasefire announced by Hamas in Gaza appears to be stalling, with both Palestinian...

IDF Responds After Hamas Breaks Cease-Fire

  • Length: 0:36
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  • View Count: 8089
  • Author: idfnadesk


On July 27, Hamas broke the latest cease-fire. The IDF's paratroopers respond with fire. For more from the IDF:

Amazon Fire Phone Drop Test!

  • Length: 2:46
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  • View Count: 60943
  • Author: TechRax


Just how durable is the newly released Amazon Fire Phone? See for yourself in this drop test! FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Mideast cease-fire falls apart

  • Length: 1:36
  • Rating Average: 3.7272727' max='5' min='1' numRaters='22' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 878
  • Author: CNN


The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting calling for a renewed cease-fire but neither side has accepted. More from CNN at To license this and other CNN/HLN content,...

UN Security Council Calls for Gaza Cease-fire

  • Length: 1:34
  • Rating Average: 4.0' max='5' min='1' numRaters='20' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 1092
  • Author: Associated Press


The U.N. Security Council called for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire" in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas at an emergency meeting just after midnight Monday morning....

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