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Taming Warfare: The History of the Geneva Conventions (NHD Entry)

  • Length: 9:59
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  • Author: John Dean


This was my group documentary entry for the National History Day competition held in College Park, MD, at the University of Maryland. The theme this year was "Debate and Diplomacy in History:...

The Geneva Convention

  • Length: 8:54
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  • Author: YagoOrwell


The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols are at the core of international humanitarian law, the body of international law that regulates the conduct of armed conflict and seeks...

Law of War: Insurgencies | Treatment of Military and Civilian Victims | Geneva Convention of 1949

  • Length: 15:34
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  • Author: The Best Film Archives


My channel: ▻SUBSCRIBE: ▻Google+: ...

The Geneva Conventions of 1949

  • Length: 4:26
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History DAy informative documentary on the substance of the senconf Geneva Convention.

Game Theory: Call of Duty, Modern War Crimes

  • Length: 10:48
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  • Author: The Game Theorists


Are the heroes in the Call of Duty franchise really war criminals? The Red Cross seems to think so and they want them tried for their crimes. Should they be? Just how guilty are Price, Soap,...

The First Geneva Convention

  • Length: 4:14
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  • Author: Chachiba87


The First Geneva Convention.

Geneva Conventions

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The Geneva Conventions comprise four treaties, and three additional protocols, that establish the standards of international law for the humanitarian treatment of war. The singular term Geneva...

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