More Orange grafts! Multi-graft citrus RESULTS!

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1) Some more orange grafts on my lemon tree. 2) An update on the multi-grafted grapefruit: 3 varieties of mandarins have taken, Nagami cumquat grafts are doi...

HOW TO GRAFT FRUIT TREES in Krete: pear almond lemon citrus trees

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Etearhos Katsougris grafts wild pear, citrus, almond, pear trees in UNESCO Geopark PSILORITIS - GREECE - KRETE - KOUROUTES 2 methods: from top with "plugs" a...

Grafting Citrus

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A modified T-bud graft: 1) Cut a T shaped incision onto the rootstock citrus. 2) Carefully peel back the cambium layer at the corners that have been formed b...

Cleft Graft

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How to cleft graft apple trees, and some grafting basics.

Straight and Side Graft, Grafting trees in the Bella Viva Orchards

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Down To Earth - Grafting Fruit Trees

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Tom shows us how to graft fruit trees by attaching a few varieties of apple to a single tree.

How to Graft Apple Trees (Bench Grafting) - Seed Savers Exchange

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How to use whip-and-tongue bench grafting to propogate new apple trees. Visit for more information about our heritage apple orchard...

How to graft tomato and eggplant: tube splice method

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Grafting tomato and eggplant can minimize problems caused by flooding, soil-borne diseases, and root-knot nematode. Watch as staff from AVRDC - The World Veg...

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