The Entertainer - A Tad to Fast :P It's fun though HAHA!

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  • Author: Christopher Lacher


This is the Entertainer by Scott Joplin. I know that it isn't suppose to be played this fast, but I just like to play this one fast HAHA! Don't most of us?!?...

Playing 'DAVE' in the V&A Museum.

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  • Author: SpanishBlobKitteh


So me and some friends decided to play 'dave', a rip off of boogies, in the v&a on a college trip and Jayden went a tad bit over the top, so yeah. Haha funny...

Telefonfis !

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telefonfis mod en af mine venner :D Credits til humor mod aids telefonfis humor mod aids camilla Funny Joke Comedy Laugh Jokes Hilarious "Humour (Literary Ge...

Porter the entertainer/table dancer haha!

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  • Author: soniegirl74


Funny Frog

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Frog is going Crazy "Crazy Frog" funny Humour haha Lol Fun Comedy Joke Jokes Laugh Prank Princess Humor Hilarious Ballet Laughs Silly "Haha (entertainer)" In...

Almighty The Entertainer.hahahaha

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  • Author: salamasin


Ok here's another funny entertainer.hehehehe.

Cedric the Entertainer Raccoon Face Off

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  • Author: Minnie Welch


He may have had a dance off with a raccoon's grandfather, but what happens when Cedric faces a raccoon on the show? Find out here! Raccoon rips face off red ...

Kuya Richard the entertainer.. the continuation! haha..

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  • Author: candice edrelle monteclar


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