iOS 8 First Look / Hands On / iPhone, iPod Touch iPad

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iOS 8 First Look and Hands On In this video we show off many new iOS 8 features including the redesigned App Store sections, Health app, iMessage and more. J...

How to make your iPod look like an iPhone

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I hope this works! :) enjoy!


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A recap of the information Apple presented today regarding the iPod Touch 5th Generation. The 5th generation iPod Touch will be released in October with 2 ve...

how to make an iPod touch look like an iPhone 5

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how to make an iPod look like an iPhone.

How To Make Your iPod Touch Look Like iPhone

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How To Make Your iPod Touch Look Like iPhone!!!

How to make ipod touch look like iphone

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how to mnake ipod touch look like an iphone. its a very simple AND easy way. all you have to do is go to search on your menu, type in google images then type...

How to Make iPod Look Like iPhone

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This is so easy and kinda ghetto hah! You put paper in an iphone case and the ipod should stick up and look like an iphone. Enjoy. Thanks for watching! SUBSC...

iPod Touch 5 iOS 8 Hands-On First Look

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