Crossing into Canada with NO BORDER INSPECTION at Kanatakon, Akwesasne, Quebec

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  • Author: Bundang Bear


bundangbear explores more of the Akwesasne Reservation where New York meets Ontario meets Quebec, and find a small tip of Canada at the end of a peninsula ju...

Breaking news: Tragic Housefire in Kanatakon

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Akwesasne Mohawks Evict Illegal Canadian Customs, Close International Bridge

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The bear is back in Akwesasne to witness the closing of the Seaway International Bridge, as a result of the Akwesasne Mohawks evicting the illegal Canadian c...

Akwesasne Ice bridge 2011

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  • Author: Ryan Hill


crossing the Ice Bridge from Kanatakon to Snye. January 27, 2011 18.

Friday the 13th in Akwesasne

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  • Author: Kanatiiosh Gray


The beginning of Akwesasne's first major storm of the year. Jan. 13, 2012. Taking from Kanatakon (Village of Saint Regis).

Canada's Capital

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  • Author: Rebekka Rannva, Creamydk


Watch exciting videos.

Experiences of Joy in Quebec and Ontario (part 2)

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  • Author: Joiedevivre234


My experiences during a surprise visit to Canada as manager, driver, translator, mental coach and massage-therapist of some Dutch XC mountainbikers for UCI W...

Crossing the Canadian Border from Washington State via I 5 North

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  • Author: maxxhuey8


We crossed the Canadian Port Douglas Border Crossing via Interstate 5 Highway in Washington State. Show Passport and other travel documents, answer a few que...

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