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The 19-yr old Kurd fighter who can send ISIS militants to hell

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Across in Northern Iraq, Kurdish troops are making moderate gains against Islamic State. Kurdish women join the fight taking up arms on Iraq-Syria border. RT's Paula Slier reports from the...

Who Are The Kurds?

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With ISIS all over the news, it's easy to forget that there are many more groups in Iraq fighting for control. One of these groups of people are the Kurds and they're starting to become a force...

Bezmi Bezm La KurD Max :::JamoKa QshToKa(((14))

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Iraq war - Kurds - ISIS - Kobane battle - Kobani - female soldier - Arin Mirkan - Zozan Cudi - Syria war - Female soldiers IDF - Yezidis - iraq Christians - Iraq's Christians - Peshmerga -...

Kurdish TV Parody of ISIS

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An Iraqi Kurdish TV station recently broadcast a parody of ISIS, with bearded men playing air guitar on rifles, playing with skulls, and dancing with swords. The parody, broadcast by KurdSat...

Kurdish Peshmerga And Shia Militants Ambushed By ISIS

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Iraqi Kurdish Forces and Shia militia groups have retaken the town of Sulaiman Bek from islamic State militants. The offensive was part of the same combined effort as the recent retaking of...

Bezmi Bezm La KurD Max :::JamoKa QshToKa(((16))

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