GA Precision M40A3 and M40A5 USMC Sniper Rifles

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Here is the M40A3 and A5 sniper rifle that GA Precision produces. For someone wanting a perfect USMC replica, look no further.

Rapid Bolt Fun w/ M40A3s

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To answer any question that may arise or have already have been asked. 1) These are M40A3, Marine Corps variant of the Remington 700 with lots of goodies. 2)...

VFC U.S.M.C M40A3: Accuracy Out of the Box - RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

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VFC's replica bolt action spring sniper rifle is a good looker, but will it perform just as well as it looks? Not satisfied with the A3 model and desire the ...

Marine M40A3 Sniper

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M40A3 airsoft shell ejecting sniper

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This is Sniper Double J customed airsoft shell ejecting riflr.

Cod 4 - FFA 9 - Crossfire (M40A3)

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Tags: Call of Duty 4 - M40A3 Player: PJoey Game Mode: Free For All Map: Crossfire M40A3 Bandolier Stopping Power Deep Impact.

M40A3 Sniper Rifle

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My buddy Jake let me shoot his M40A3 sniper rifle - freakin sweet!

Day Z Sniping NEAF M40A3

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Want to see more dayz, leave me a comment . Want to Play League of Legends

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