Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage, Europe debate 2 (02Apr14)

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The second debate between LibDem deputy PM Nick Clegg versus UKIP's Nigel Farage. A debate the public polled says Nick Clegg badly lost, even worse than the ...

Nick Clegg on Nigel Farage, tuition fees, and making cups of tea for David Cameron

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In this interview, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg sits down with us for a wide-ranging chat. We ask whether UKIP's Nige...

Vote2014: Nick Clegg on LibDem disaster EuroParl elections (26May14)

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Deputy PM and Liberal Democrat talks about the LibDems getting virtually wiped out in the European Parliament elections, mostly at the hands of UKIP, but als...

MarrShow: Nick Clegg interviewed (18May14)

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Liberal Democrat deputy PM Nick Clegg is interviewed before the European Union Parliament and local council elections later in the week. This is the full int...

The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix)

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Nick Clegg hopes that his heartfelt new single will make things good again with voters. Nick Clegg sings sorry the autotune remix By Alex Ross and James Herr...

Nigel Farage v Nick Clegg: EU debate highlights

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Get the latest headlines Subscribe to The Telegraph Like us on Fa...

Nick Clegg face-to-face with angry students

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Nick Clegg on politics (20July14)

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Liberal Democrat Deputy PM Nick Clegg is interviewed on politics. Recorded from Channel 4+1, Sunday Brunch, 20 July 2014.

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