Peter Schiff Speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street

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Last week, followed investment guru, radio show host, and unflappable defender of capitalism Peter Schiff as he spent three hours among the Occupy ...

Occupation Nation "An Occupy Wall Street Documentary" (FULL)

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An hour-long movie of remixed shorts that explore the philosophical roots of the recent movement of the 99%. As zombie banksters threaten to consume all that...

Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

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  • Author: Mark Ledzian

Tags: The day the unions came to visit... a Wall Street Tycoon calls the protestors anarchists, and calls me a monkey. Mike Myers chimes in. P...

Occupy Wall Street Comedy- Be Mad at Stuff

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Comedian Brian Havig ( interviews the more colorful protesters at the Occupy Wall Street Movement in New York City...and beco...

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street (Part 1, full version)

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This video was mentioned by Glenn Beck:

Protesters Clash with Police During Wall Street March, Violence & Arrests @ #occupywallstreet

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Tags: Please consider donating to help us continue to make videos like this. We Are Change would not exist without YOU! http://wearec...

Occupy Wall Street - Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O'Leary

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Please SUBSCRIBE and share this video! -- THANK YOU ** --------------------- MORE VIDEOS: Canadian Banking System Fraud Exposed - Bill Abram http://www.yo...

Occupy Wall Street Douche Bag Gets Completely Owned on Fox News

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  • Author: Godless Conservative Libertarian


"Anarchy isn't easy!" Another Occutard Zombie-Commie makes a complete ass of himself.

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