Peter Schiff Speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street

  • Length: 18:46
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  • Author: ReasonTV


Last week, followed investment guru, radio show host, and unflappable defender of capitalism Peter Schiff as he spent three hours among the Occupy ...

Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest

  • Length: 4:43
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  • Author: The Guardian


Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest In September last year, anti-corporate activists descended on a small park in lower Manhattan an...

Occupation Nation "An Occupy Wall Street Documentary" (FULL)

  • Length: 62:17
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  • Author: Noam Chomsky Videos


An hour-long movie of remixed shorts that explore the philosophical roots of the recent movement of the 99%. As zombie banksters threaten to consume all that...

Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

  • Length: 6:46
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  • Author: Mark Ledzian

Tags: The day the unions came to visit... a Wall Street Tycoon calls the protestors anarchists, and calls me a monkey. Mike Myers chimes in. P...

Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street (Part 1, full version)

  • Length: 5:17
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  • Author: Vladimir Jaffe


This video was mentioned by Glenn Beck:

Protesters Clash with Police During Wall Street March, Violence & Arrests @ #occupywallstreet

  • Length: 6:47
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  • View Count: 66677
  • Author: WeAreChange

Tags: Please consider donating to help us continue to make videos like this. We Are Change would not exist without YOU! http://wearec...

What We Saw at the Occupy Wall Street Protest

  • Length: 6:4
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  • Author: ReasonTV


Down with banks, student-loan debt, and expensive elections! Up with barter...capitalism...and...Mitt Romney?!?! On October 4, 2011, visited the Oc...

Occupy Wall Street Comedy- Be Mad at Stuff

  • Length: 6:17
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  • View Count: 45591
  • Author: Brian Havig


Comedian Brian Havig ( interviews the more colorful protesters at the Occupy Wall Street Movement in New York City...and beco...

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