LCS 2014 NA Regionals: Pax Prime Day1

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Welcome to the League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split! For more Lolesports action, SUBSCRIBE For more LCS coverage including the latest schedule,...

The Next Level Live Competition at PAX Prime 2014 - Day 1

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Tune in to watch The Next Level from PAX Prime 2014.

Bloodborne: Come for the Combat, Stay for the Atmosphere - PAX Prime

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We break down why we're so impressed by From Software's upcoming spiritual successor to Dark Souls.

How Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Won Us Over - PAX Prime

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In bringing the Japanese PSP game to Xbox One and PS4, Square is helping redefine what a Final Fantasy game can be.

PAX Prime Mindcrack Info

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MindCrackers in attendance: Aureylian, Coestar, Guude, Jsano, Nebris, Pause, SethBling, Sevadus, Zisteau Sunday 1:00 pm - 9th and Pine Transit Center * ...

5 Minutes of Geometry Wars 3 Gameplay - PAX Prime

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See gameplay of Sierra Interactive's sequel to the classic Bizarre Creations title.

PAX Prime 2014 - Day 2 [Thursday]

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Don't forget to drop a LIKE if you enjoyed! :D WHAT'S GOOD YOUTUBE?! Watup. Today we've got the second of our PAX Prime VLOG series! Hopefully, I'll be able ...

Game 4 - PAX Prime 2014 Demo - Gameplay Teaser

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Tags: SPOILER ALERT! This gameplay teaser gives you a sneak peek of what's to come in Game 4 and it includes some fresh narration by the game's narrator, Will Stamper....

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