Win $5,000 a Week Forever PCH Bullshit!

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  • Author: Albert Dunisch


Publishers clearing house is nothing but a scam!

April 30th 2014 $1 Million PCH SuperPrize Winner Penny Pompa

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  • Author: pchprizepatrol


A rainy day turned into a lucky day for Penny Pompa from Monroe, CT when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol showed up with a $1 Million check!

How to win faster on PCH.COM -

  • Length: 16:1
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  • Author: Vincent Candullo


Click here for more info: How to win faster on first part of this video is to show you simple & easy s...

Real PCH Prize Patrol Warns: Don't Be Fooled By PCH Scams!

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  • Author: pchprizepatrol


Danielle Lam put together this short video with hints and tips to make sure you know how to stay safe from these PCH scams. Watch it now!

PCH la Dinamo - steaua 1-1 in Cupa

  • Length: 30:11
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  • Author: adrianrew


PCH la Dinamo - steaua 1-1, retur semifinala de Cupa Romaniei, 17 aprilie 2014, Arena Nationala, Bucuresti, Romania. In background la coregrafie se aude Bole...

Publishers Clearing House Feb 28th $1 Million Winner - Elise Gutierrez

  • Length: 2:9
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  • Author: pchprizepatrol


After Hurricane Isaac devastated the town of La Place, Louisiana, Elise Gutierrez found herself in need of some good fortune. On February 28th, 2013 this lon...

Danielle Surprises PCH Sweepstakes Winner At Work!

  • Length: 3:37
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  • View Count: 46861
  • Author: pchprizepatrol


What happens when a PCH winner is not home when the Prize Patrol shows up? Watch as Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol surprised Carol Copeland with $10,00...

Pulled Over By Nice Cop On PCH

  • Length: 6:24
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  • View Count: 773828
  • Author: weljo2001


Cops were pulling motorcycles over all day long because of the motorcycle that hit the bicyclist on the "Snake" recently. Also because of the sportbike knuck...

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