Parrish - Trailer

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Having previously collaborated on "A Summer Place," a film that helped define romantic love for a generation of moviegoers, writer/director Delmer Daves and ...


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New single from the forthcoming album. Out on Sound Signature innaminnit! Music Video

Theo Parrish - Long Walk In Your Sun

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.(lydia/parrish).burning desire.

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i push you to the limits...cause i just don't care.. HD+ small screen pls[once again YT kills the quality..sigh] copyright infringement intended! colou...

Theo Parrish - 71st & Exchange Used To Be

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The Trilogy Tapes ‎-- SSTTTPLC 1, 2014 ]

Theo Parrish 45 min Boiler Room DJ Set

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FOR PODCAST: A lot of the time you have to be pursuaded to listen to stuff. I can't help but think simply having Theo Parrish written on...

Theo Parrish - Soul Control

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Support Theo. U like it? Buy it! Theo Parrish - Soul Control - Sound Sculptures Volume 1 - Sound Signature.

Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop) [HQ]

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It's not Hip Hop, It's Electro, prick, is a quote from the cult film, Shaun of the Dead. I know it may sounds like peeps are trying to be confrontational, bu...

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