The Principal's Office at New Milford High School

  • Length: 43:36
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One of the toughest and most important jobs in America is that of high school principal. These men and women work everyday to keep order in our schools and p...

Is she the toughest principal in America?

  • Length: 3:21
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  • Author: CNN


Fenger High School Principal Liz Dozier confronts gang violence and shootings to save her school and her students.


  • Length: 22:46
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  • Author: learningforward


The Clip Reel, including 23 minutes of film clips selected from THE PRINCIPAL STORY, aims to assist practitioners and their trainers and mentors in reflectin...

Principal Skeleton

  • Length: 2:6
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  • Author: grickle


Supervising education in autumn can be a lonely affair. Buy an Art Print of Principal Skeleton!

Nobody Wants to be a Principal

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Funny Video about the stresses of the principalship to Nickelback's "Rock Star" song.

Principal's Office - Grinding at the School Dance

  • Length: 4:52
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  • Author: truTV


Subscribe to truTV for more! This Vice Principal has his hands full trying to set some school dance boundaries. Follow us on Twitter: h...

High School Girl Spanked By Principal

  • Length: 4:32
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  • Author: The Young Turks


"A Texas high school student opted to take a spanking rather than serve another day of in-school suspension, but she was left bruised and blistered after she...

High School Principal Surprises her Students

  • Length: 5:27
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  • Author: DBDC


If every Principal was so cool school would be so much fun Principal, teachers and some students surprise everyone at the school. Before commenting remember ...

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