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Pro Tools 10 - Getting Started with Audio Tracks, Instrument Tracks, and Playback Engine

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In this video I will show you how to start making music with audio tracks and instrument tracks. I'll also show you how set up your audio interface with the playback engine.

How to Mix Rap Vocals On Pro-Tools 9, 10, 11 with Factory Plugins

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Me Mixing Polo Doonk Verse on Pro Tools. Just Basic's *****Heres the link to the full song***** to purchase beats...

Pro Tools 10-10 Best New Features Tutorial

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Tags: presents 10 new features on pro tools 10. All of them are not exclusive to pro tools HDx and could be used on any system. This is not a complete review but a taste...

Live Pro Tools 101 Mixing Techniques

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Tony Hobden presents live a Pro Tools 101 in how to mix down a multi track session. He covers EQ, compression, balancing, pan, use of FX... everything that you need to get started with a mix...

Recording & Editing Vocals In Pro Tools 10

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In this video we take a look at recording vocals using plug-in eq and compression. We also explore using audio playlists to do multiple takes and vocal editing. Make Music Better.

Pro Tools 10 Tutorial: Session Set Up (part 1)

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Part 1: Part 2: Follow me This is part 1 of my very first tutorial. I'm not too good at explaining...

Introduction to Pro Tools

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This introduction to Pro Tools video is the first module from the complete 'Understanding Pro Tools' course by Home Studio Corner available now at ...

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