Proper Fix XBox 360 RROD FULL VIDEO

  • Length: 39:51
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  • Author: Rob Papallo


Tis is a video on how to Fix your XBOX 360 that has any of the Red Rings, This does not fix the E-68 because that is a HDD problem. In this video, I go step ...

The Online Gamer - RROD

  • Length: 4:54
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  • Author: Reckless Tortuga


To SUBSCRIBE to Reckless Tortuga CLICK HERE: Aaron has a major meltdown after downloading the MW2 Stimulus Package. Website: http://bit....

Xbox 360 E74 / RROD Permanent Fix

  • Length: 16:5
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  • Author: RickTEG


Questions Sign up at my Forum In this video i will show you how to fix your xbox 360 E74 error permanently. Just follow my step by ...

How to get fake RED RING OF DEATH Xbox 360 RROD!!! Joke Prank

  • Length: 2:46
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  • Author: Xzi Marcus izX


Prank your mates with this brilliant easy to do joke! Give them a fake RED RING OF DEATH on their xbox 360!

Xbox 360 RROD fixed by punching xbox

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  • Author: DJT1992UK


I finaly got the dreaded Red Ring Of Death on my xbox 360, but I was amazed when I fixed it by giving it a faggy punch. I dont think I fixed it properly but ...

GTA V freezing my system RRoD...

  • Length: 7:8
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  • View Count: 4412
  • Author: Ryan Stran


I have a 20 GB Xbox (original launch model w/ HDMI port) I've taken VERY good care of my system since purchase and it has never RRoD on me, I was playing BLO...

**STILL WORKS IN 2014** Fix RROD Permanently on ANY XBOX Without Opening it up(Not Towel Trick)!

  • Length: 2:8
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  • Author: magicalredapples


The RROD has been a promblem for us all, i have finally put this very short tutorial together to fix this promblem, this is not a towel trick or any other tr...

RROD - Angry Joe 3.0

  • Length: 4:43
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  • Author: AngryJoeShow


Angry Joe Gets the RROD Visit:

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