MW3 Survival Wave 100+ The Best SOLO Strategy for Resistance!

  • Length: 70:59
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  • Author: mrgclips


ON THE WEB: http://www.MrGClips.Com - The NEW Best Strategy Guide for SOLO on RESISTANCE! - Hi everyone! I'm a PC player and never had any kinds of Consoles,...

MW3 Survival: Resistance wave 90 World Record - TheRelaxingEnd & Dims3535

  • Length: 9:39
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  • Author: TheRelaxingEnd


MW3 Survival Mode Wave 100 + on Carbon: MW3 Survival Mode Wave 150 +: ...

New MODERN WARFARE 3 - Spec Ops "Survival Mode" Gameplay Resistance (Call of Duty MW3)

  • Length: 23:40
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  • Author: Ali-A


The NEW Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops mode called "Survival mode"! I plan to live commentate all of the survival mode maps so let me know if you wa...

MW3 Resistance wave 130 World Record Survival Mode - TheRelaxingEnd & ChristianR87

  • Length: 10:55
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  • Author: TheRelaxingEnd


Continuing where I left with Dims3535 five months ago (wave 90 WR) - this time with my high round zombies partner ChristianR87. I wanted to try finding as fa...

Modern Warfare 3 Resistance Team Deathmatch Multiplayer Gameplay MW3

  • Length: 8:13
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  • Author: ELVIS1340


One of my early games on Team Deathmatch n Resistance, using the support strike package.

Mw3 Survival | *Resistance* | Syndicate Gameplay/Commentary | Attempt 1

  • Length: 30:47
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  • Author: TheSyndicateProject


Please Click The Big SUBSCRIBE button to see Mw3 Videos Daily! *please read* I hope this deserves a like guys, doing each attempt in 1 video takes A LONG TIM...

MW3 Survival: Resistance wave 100+ strategy (team WR) - Part 2

  • Length: 33:45
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  • View Count: 346730
  • Author: womblingwombat2


Me and potsyenem333 showing our strategy for making 100+ waves on the Tier 1 map Resistance. At the time of this posting this is the highest wave survived le...

MW3 // Marathon Survival sur Resistance

  • Length: 28:43
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  • View Count: 206941
  • Author: MrLEV12


Salut à tous, vous êtes nombreux à m'avoir demandé de continuer mon concept de marathon avec le mode survival, et bien je vous fait plaisir et je vais faire ...

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