Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

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All the best moments of Sarah Palin interviews, starring Sarah Palin, Charlies Gibson, Katie Couric, Sean Hannity, and special guest appearance from John McC...

Sarah Palin Embarrasses Herself

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  • Author: The Young Turks


"The latest video on Sarah Palin's eponymous online network was billed as a rebuttal to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) Netroots Nation speech, but some of Pa...

Sarah Palin - Western Conservative Summit - Denver, CO (FULL SPEECH)

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  • Author: Shelly Dankert


Sarah Palin spoke this afternoon at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO.

The Truth About the War in Israel - Sarah Palin

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Governor Palin uses two unlikely sources to get to the truth about what's happening in Israel.

• Sarah Palin • CPAC • 2014 •

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  • Author: iizthatiiz


March 8th, 2014 • Washington D.C. • Governor Sarah Palin delivers the keynote address at the 2014 CPAC conference. Appropriate comments will be welcomed - Fo...

Sarah Palin: 2014 NRA Stand and Fight Rally

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  • Author: NRA


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speaks at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally, an event of the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, Indiana. Originally air...

Sarah Palin: "I Was Not Allowed" To Tell The Truth About Obama In 2008 (July, 26 2013)

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  • Author: martysoffice


Sarah Palin Destroys Obama and his "Phony Scandals" on Fox New - 7/26/2013 - Tonight Greta Van Susteren explores why the president is calling the D.C. scanda...

Putin & Sarah Palin Phone Call on "Tonight Show"

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  • Author: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Vladimir Putin calls Sarah Palin to chat about her prediction that he'd invade Ukraine. Sarah Palin's new show "Amazing America" premieres April 3 at 8pm on ...

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