Sardar Ali takkar touch heart song.

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sardar ali takar song da shapha na sabh khudaya la pase oghdege.ghamona de o za yam ...

sardar ali takkar great pashto ghazal

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os chy kum taraf ta zy Poet. Abaseen Yousafzai.

sardar ali takkar song za che kala mar shama

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video uploaded from my mobile phone.

latoon Sardar ali takkar song 1080p

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Sardar ali takkar new songs 2012.

Ghani Khan Sardar Ali Takar Super hits pashto song پشتو سندرہ افغانستان

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Afghan music Pashto song پشتو سندرہ افغانستان.

Da sparlee Shpa wa**Sardar Ali Takkar** (Ghani khan)

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Atrocities by the state, plight of the Pathans, the death of his mother when he was 6 years old and death of his only son gave his poetry a philosophical col...

Sardar Ali Takar سردار علی تکر (Philosopher Ghani Khan Poems دغنی بابا کلام)

  • Length: 8:11
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دغنی بابا کلامSardar Ali Takkar (born 15th of July, 1956), a veteran of the Pashto singing scene, is mostly famous for singing the revolutionary poetry of Gh...

Latest interview of Sardar Ali Takar wid VOA DEEWA

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