Seattle Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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Tags: Welcome to Seattle, a city that straddles the modern world and the natural one. While it's k...

Downtown Seattle, WA, USA

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Seattle Downtown, Washington, USA November 10th 2013.


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A short documentary of my life in Seattle. For about a year and half I lived in downtown seattle. It opened my eyes to different life styles and personalitie...

A Seattle Accent?

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When we think of accents, we often think of the South or the East Coast or places like Minnesota. But researchers think even Seattle might have an accent. Ca...

Exposed! FBI Pretended to be 'Seattle Times' Newspaper, Hacked Suspect's Computer!

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Tags: The editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Seattle Times newspaper says she's “outraged” to learn only this week that the FBI made a mock-up of the publicati...

Tour of Seattle Neighborhoods

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This is a video featured in The Video Concierge, a hotel television channel informing guests of activities and attractions available to them during their sta...

Living in Seattle

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Find out why Seattle Children's employees love living in Seattle! To learn more about career opportunities at Seattle Children's, visit: http://www.seattlech...

FBI impersonates AP & Seattle Times for sting (Marina Portnaya reports)

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The Seattle Times - a prominent U.S. newspaper with nine Pulitzer prizes to its name - is taking action after it was revealed the FBI used its logo to lure in a terror suspect. RT's Marina...

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