• Length: 10:52
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  • Author: Umm Hudayfaah


This is a compilation of quranic verses for the purpose of ruqyah. make sure you have wudu, believe that allah will cure you through this inshallah.

Ayaat-e-shifa,verses of healing,cure and healing for every disease

  • Length: 5:13
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Ayaat-e-shifa,verses of healing,cure,healing,quranic healing,quranic cure,health,healing for every disease,muraqba,natural cure

Dua Shifa For Cure Of Health and Black Magic Evil Eye Nazr Jinx Complete Recitation

  • Length: 59:44
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  • Author: steward


listen to this as much as possible from relief of illnesses of this world, listen to at time of fajr (dawn) and maghrib (sunset/dusk) have beleif of the crea...

Hindi Christian songs - Shifa [complete album]

  • Length: 45:22
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  • Author: crimsonVoldrox


Shifa - Complete album. You can skip to your liking by clicking on the annotations. :)

Dua for Shifa - Sh. Khalid [Duas, prayers for shifa, cure or healing]

  • Length: 46:41
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  • View Count: 80587
  • Author: Sajjad Ashraf


DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Note: Put on repeat mode to keep listening to it on Media Player. Visi...

Shifa & Rayeed's Engagement Trailer

  • Length: 4:39
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  • View Count: 13424
  • Author: FnF Photography


surah manzil aiyat e shifa 1

  • Length: 10:5
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  • Author: ksameerhussain


Manzil is a man made composition from Quran Sharif. it protects from evil eye. here are the ayaat which it consists of. when read with focus to seek Allah sw...

Selawat Shifa

  • Length: 8:40
  • Rating Average: 4.9044585' max='5' min='1' numRaters='314' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 304505
  • Author: kembara sang sufi



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