Silver, Gold & Currencies Revalued Overnight - Mike Maloney

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  • Author: Mike Maloney


More: Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency supply, either through a bull market that can last years as ...

Banksters Gut Silver To Protect Fiat Paper Ponzi -- Kranzler

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It's the same old song, silver gutted by Bankster cartel paper in order to protect their fiat Dollar Ponzi scheme. Dave Kranzler joins us to discuss what's n...

The Coming Silver Shortage

  • Length: 4:31
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  • Author: CrushTheStreet


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Silver Warning Of Market Crash October?

  • Length: 15:4
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  • Author: TruthNeverTold


Silver crashed 1 month prior to the 2008 Financial crisis and no one noticed. Is yesterdays action in silver predicting another, larger crisis this October? ...

Harvey Organ: Shanghai Drained of Silver, Bullion Banks Are About to Attack the COMEX!

  • Length: 26:50
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  • Author: SilverDoctors


Gold & silver expert Harvey Organ joins us this week for an explosive and power packed show discussing: 1. Criminal collusion by the CFTC officials- how CFTC knew what was going on with gold...

David Morgan: US Dollar is the Last Stop Before Gold & Silver Spike

  • Length: 36:4
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  • Author: Greg Hunter


On the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, David Morgan of, says, “John Exter's upside down pyramid explains it very well. The derivative...

Get REAL: Silver

  • Length: 27:52
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  • Author: MaxKeiserTV


Sponsored by Mining Maven at Jan Skoyles presents a Get REAL special on silver. She talks to Mark O'Byrne of ...

GoPro HERO4 Silver: Pro-quality capture. Touch-display convenience.

  • Length: 4:15
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Capture your world in an all-new way with HERO4 Silver, the first-ever GoPro to feature a built-in touch display. Controlling the camera, playing back footage and adjusting settings is ultra...

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