Kevin Skinner - How his career started (HD)

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Kevin Skinner is a former chicken catcher from Mayfield, KY. He won the fourth season of the TV show America's Got Talent. He impressed the audience and judg...

Operant conditioning

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SKinner interview showing operant conditioning with pigeons. Discusses schedules of reinforcement.

BF Skinner's Operant Conditioning Chamber - Saieed Hasnoo

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Saieed Hasnoo US-World 30 Final Project Harvard University 2011.

B.F. Skinner at the APA Annual Convention (8\10\1990)

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B.F. Skinner's speech at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention.

B. F. Skinner - Martha Hubner

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Acesse o nosso portal: SINOPSE: Ao lado de Freud e Piaget, Skinner foi um dos três pensadores mais citados do século XX. Ab...

A Psicologia de B. F. Skinner (1-9).flv

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  • Author: Leandro Heuser


Documental: BF. Skinner - Condicionamiento Operante

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Descripcion El condicionamiento operante es un tipo de aprendizaje asociativo que tiene que ver con el desarrollo de nuevas conductas en función de sus conse...

HD Kevin Skinner

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Kevin Skinner singing " If tomorrow never comes " from Garth Brooks; the start of a new career after winning American's Got Talent. Thanks to Access for prom...

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