Kevin Skinner - How his career started (HD)

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Kevin Skinner is a former chicken catcher from Mayfield, KY. He won the fourth season of the TV show America's Got Talent. He impressed the audience and judges with his rendition of Garth Brooks'...

kevin skinner - If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Skinner (1993) Traci lords

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1993 horror starring traci lords,ted raimi & ricki lake.

Operant conditioning

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SKinner interview showing operant conditioning with pigeons. Discusses schedules of reinforcement.

B.F. Skinner at the APA Annual Convention (8\10\1990)

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B.F. Skinner's speech at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention.

B. F. Skinner

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An excerpt from the BBC documentary "Great thinkers: in their own words." Important note: Skinner did not believe that human beings are born blank slate. For more info on Skinner: http://www.4s...

BF Skinner's Operant Conditioning Chamber - Saieed Hasnoo

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Saieed Hasnoo US-World 30 Final Project Harvard University 2011.

Documental: BF. Skinner - Condicionamiento Operante

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Descripcion El condicionamiento operante es un tipo de aprendizaje asociativo que tiene que ver con el desarrollo de nuevas conductas en función de sus consecuencias, y no con la asociación...

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