Kevin Skinner - How his career started (HD)

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Kevin Skinner is a former chicken catcher from Mayfield, KY. He won the fourth season of the TV show America's Got Talent. He impressed the audience and judg...

Veteran MP Dennis Skinner slams Ukip's new MP | Channel 4 News

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Subscribe to Channel 4 News: Labour's Dennis Skinner has launched a heart-felt defence of the NHS and its foreign workers, and attacked Ukip's new MP Mark Reckless in...

La máquina de Skinner y la enseñanza programada(en español)

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Esta innovación del famoso psicologo conductista Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1904 1990), muestra su interés por investigar acerca de la importancia de la retro...

Operant conditioning

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SKinner interview showing operant conditioning with pigeons. Discusses schedules of reinforcement.

BF Skinner's Operant Conditioning Chamber - Saieed Hasnoo

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Saieed Hasnoo US-World 30 Final Project Harvard University 2011.

B.F. Skinner at the APA Annual Convention (8\10\1990)

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  • Author: Jonathan Bird


B.F. Skinner's speech at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention.

4. Foundations: Skinner

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Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 110) Professor Bloom opens with a brief discussion of the value and evolutionary basis of unconscious processing. The rest o...

B. F. Skinner - Martha Hubner

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Acesse o nosso portal: SINOPSE: Ao lado de Freud e Piaget, Skinner foi um dos três pensadores mais citados do século XX. Ab...

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