Knights Templar - Warriors of God

  • Length: 47:0
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National Geographic Knights Templar Warriors of God Knights Templar: Warriors of God Delve into the myths and mysteries of the legendary medieval order - the...

The Templar Code

  • Length: 86:59
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  • Author: USAGnosticChurch


A documentary by the History Channel about the Mysteries, Secrets, History and Conspiracies about The Knights Templar.

The Secret Bible - The Knights Templar - Gnostic Secrets of Templars

  • Length: 47:34
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  • Author: Knights Templar Order


(2006) Produced by National Geographic. This is a comprehensive overview of the history of the Knights Templar, with reasonable indications of some bases to ...

Shadow of the Templars (Rennes-le-Château)

  • Length: 59:41
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  • Author: ChadiSaliby


The Original Da Vinci Code In 1969, Henry Lincoln visited a small village in south western France called Rennes-le-Château, and read Le Trésor Maudit de Renn...

In Search of History: The Knights Templar

  • Length: 42:7
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  • Author: USAGnosticChurch


A documentary of the Knights Templar including their History, Myths and Conspiracies.

13 October 1307,Friday - The day that changed the world

  • Length: 8:22
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  • Author: TheCroTemplar .


In 1305, the new Pope Clement V, based in France, sent letters to both the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and the Hospitaller Grand Master Fulk de Vil...

TEMPLÁŘI (Knights Templars) -- z cyklu Utajená bible

  • Length: 47:2
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  • Author: Gossscha1


Dokument z fascinujícího cyklu Utajená bible. ... Spirituální a málo známé souvislosti řádu templářů, který byl jedním z největších a nejmocnějších křesťansk...

The Knights Templars | Freemason | Kabbalah | The Crusader | Secrets Revealed

  • Length: 49:41
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  • Author: Coco La


In the Middle Ages, a secret society lay behind many events which shaped the course of history. The first name of that society was 'The Knights Templars.' In...

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