Behind the Bricks: A Tour of Diagon Alley™ with Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis Replay

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SUBSCRIBE - Watch the replay of Tom Felton (who played Draco Malfoy in the films), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Alan Gilmore,...

Tom Felton Gets Mistaken For Aaron Paul

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Tom Felton was a guest on CONAN last night, February 19. Tom was on the show to promote his new film In Secret. WEBSITE: http://harrypotteronlinefr.blogspot....

(中字)when Tom Felton saw the photo about Draco and Harry! haha funny!

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when Tom Felton saw the photo about Draco and Harry! haha funny! 但我還是喜歡draco和hermione一起^^

Q & A W/ Tom Felton (A.K.A Draco Malfoy)

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No Discription.

Tom Felton on Lopez Tonight

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Tom Felton appears on Lopez Tonight November 22, 2010.

Tom Felton talks about an awkward moment with Emma Watson about how she slapped him!

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Tom Felton tells a fun story about Emma Watson! =)

Tom Felton Q&A - Fan Expo Vancouver 2014

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Sorry for shaky parts and times when things weren't framed nicely. I was focused on seeing Tom with my own eyes, not through the screen of my camera. The video cuts twice because my camera...

Tom Felton on the Late Late Show

  • Length: 10:12
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Tom Felton from 'Get him to the Greek' has a friendly chat with Craig Ferguson. June 9, 2010 All content belongs to rightful owner! I own nothing!

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