Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes - Us The Duo

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Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Vine at @ustheduo "All Of Me" - John Legend "Shake ...

OMFG! The Last Naruto The Movie Coming To U.S Theaters February 2015

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YES OMG ARIGATO GOZAIMASU VIZ MEDIA!!!! Link 2 The Article: Find Me On Subscribe ...

Barack Obama: US will respond to North Korea cyber attacks

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President Barack Obama vowed that the United States will respond to the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures blamed on the North Korean government. Obama said the cyberattack "caused...

North Korea slams U.S. government investigation

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North Korea is calling the U.S. investigation of the Sony hack "childish." CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

'US builds narrative of expansionist Russia' - Eugene Puryear

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US President Barack Obama has authorized sanctions against individuals and entities operating in Russia's Crimean peninsula. An activist with the anti-war ANSWER coalition, Eugene Puryear...

US accuses N. Korea of orchestrating online attack on Sony Pictures

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The FBI says North Korea is behind a huge hack of Sony Pictures which led to the cancellation of the release of a movie depicting the death of the secluded nation's leader. RT talks to global...

U.S. Google Play Store - Free copy of The Hunting Party | Linkin Park

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A message from Mike- Get your free copy of "The Hunting Party" in the U.S. Google Play Store: U.S. Google Play Store only. Offer expires December 23rd.

U.S. Propaganda - Sony Hack Was A Practice Run For North Korea, Next Attack Power Grid - Episode 546

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