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We so love it when our fans from around the world send us samples their country's unique cuisine. (Well, those of us who aren't Noah, anyway). Today, one of our friends from Down Under...

Russia Builds Miles of Nuke Bunkers While US Does Nothing

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Alex Jones uncovers one of the biggest and most dangerous issues in recent history, a Rosetta Stone that will decode the deception taking place throughout our world. As Russians build gigantic...

US-Russian crew blasts off for record-setting one-year ISS flight

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A Soyuz spacecraft launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, heading for a historic one-year expedition to the International Space Station (ISS). On board are cosmonauts Gennadi Padalka and Mikhail...

Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen, US helps Iran in Iraq, US Caves on Iran Nuke Deal

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Saudi Arabia and Egypt are getting ready for an invasion of Yemen. Saudi Arabia has already been bombing key positions of Iranian backed terrorists (also known as Houthi rebels). It was little...

U.S. Now Providing Lethal Aid To Ukraine, Major Offensive Soon To Follow - Episode 627

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Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit More news visit Report date: 3.27.2015 Greek deposits flow out of Greek banks, lowest in...

Should the US Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine?

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This week, the United States delivered a shipment 10 Humvees to the Ukrainian government — the first installment of a $75 million aid package of non-lethal equipment that is meant to assist...

Chechnya Offers Arms to Mexico to Fight the US

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Make Sure to Subscribe to the New J.KNIGHT Channel: GROZNY , Russia, March 26 (UPI) -- The Russian republic of Chechnya offered ...

US Troops Go Undercover on American Soil

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JADE HELM: TROOPS TO “OPERATE UNDETECTED AMONGST CIVILIAN POPULATION” Role players to practice infiltrating towns during controversial exercise. Help us spread the word about the ...

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