GoPro Weather balloon Stratosphere Flight! Short Version

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  • Author: Camillo Schmid


Weather Balloon with GoPro - Launch from Bucknell University

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  • Author: Stephen Fischer


This is a video about the preparation, launch, and eventual recovery of a weather balloon. I launched it from Shikellamy State Park in Central Pennsylvania, and recovered the payload from a...

National Weather Service - Weather Balloon Launch

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  • Author: CityofTampa


This is a segment from the program "The Mayor's Hour" on City of Tampa Television (CTTV) from July, 2012. It highlights the tools that the National Weather Service uses to gather information...

High Altitude Weather Balloon Launch - Bobblehead in Space Raises Awareness of the Needs of Seniors

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  • Author: SagerIncorporated


Home Instead Senior Care sponsored a weather balloon launch in West Point, GA. The results were amazing, never seen before footage. Many people helped with this project. Thank you to Dr....

GoPro: Shotgun Balloon Drop

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GoPro Athlete Erik Roner floats 8000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair attached to 90 weather balloons. Watch as he pops the balloons with his shotgun and skydives back down to earth. Shot...

Weather Balloon Near Space! GoPro-Balloon-Flight to 30Km!

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  • Author: Camillo Schmid


Distance Launch-Landing/ Distanz Start-Landung: 75Km Flight Time/Flugzeit: 2 Hours, 12 minutes/ 2 Stunden, 12 Minuten Max. Height/Max. Höhe: 30Km Möchtest du einmal selbst eine Kamera ins...

Near Space Weather Balloon Launch With Gopro To 109 000 Feet!

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  • Author: sivrot


The 24th of July we launched a weather balloon, hoping it would reach an altitude of at least 27 000meters. And it reached 33 000meters/109 000 feet! Inside the box was: -Gps Tracker -Cell...

Weather balloon fun!!!

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  • Author: Sterling Montierth


I friend of mine got out a weather balloon and fired up the leaf blower. I had no idea how big these things can get!!!

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