Straight pipe vs X-pipe

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my 88 camaro 383sbc true duals, flowmaster 10s.

X Pipe vs H Pipe - Summit Racing Quick Flicks

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Learn the basic differences between the most common exhaust crossover pipes—H-pipes and X-pipes—including the performance benefits gained by using each type....

Mustang BBK 2-1/2" Off-Road X-Pipe Installation 4.6L 2V/4V 1999-2004

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Tags: This BBK 2-1/2" Off-Road X-Pipe is for 1999-2004 4.6L 2V/4V ...

X-Pipe vs H-Pipe vs Factory Pipe - Ford Mustang V6 - Exhaust Flow Simulation

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It is well-known that an H-Pipe is the correct choice for maximum low-end and overall performance gain. The X-Pipe is second best, and the factory Hybrid-Pip...

2015 Mustang GT - Stainless Works CAT Back Exhaust With X Pipe

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2014 Mustang 5.0 - Corsa Xtremes - Before & After Offroad X-pipe

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I made this video to show the difference the Lethal Performance Offroad X-pipe made, with the Corsa Xtreme Axle-back mufflers that were previously installed....

X pipe vs H pipe- Mustang GT

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2003 Sonic Blue GT with BBK O/R X pipe and Super 44s revving up with a 2002 Satin Silver GT with Jegs O/R H pipe and Super 44s.

Revs! Audi R8 V10 fitted with Armytrix Titanium X-pipe Valvetronic Mufflers Indonesia

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