Aerial Tutorial - How to do an Aerial - Cartwheel to Aerials

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Tags: How to do an Aerial cartwheel (no handed cartwheel) for dance, gymnastics, martial arts and other sports. Katrina and Sloane go o...

Aerial Iceland volcano footage: Lava fountains, huge smoke clouds

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The alert warning for the area surrounding Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano was kept at orange on Tuesday, indicating that it is showing increased unrest with greater potential for an eruption....

Destiny Vinley - Aerial Silks Act - The Spark That Ignites

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A dynamic, energetic aerial silks act performed by Destiny Vinley of Maevy Aerial Arts and choreographed in collaboration with Jamie Hodgson. This act was or...

How to do an Aerial Cartwheel

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How to do an Aerial Cartwheel. Music: No Comments by Meizong.

Aerial images of volcano Bardarbunga, feared to disrupt worldwide air traffic

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The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland continues to pour lava out of a gash, or fissure, in the ground. The latest fissure eruption began on Sunday. It may lead to an explosive eruption that sends...

ميديا تاون - شاهد الان صور جوية لدمار الشجاعية Aerial view of Al-Shejaiya’s destruction

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ميديا تاون - شاهد الان جزء من صور جوية لدمار الشجاعية ، حيث قامت شركة ميديا تاون بتوثيق كل الدمار و هذه بعض...

How to do an Aerial!

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Caitlin teaches you how to do an aerial (a no-handed cartwheel.) Remember: Practice, practice, practice! :D.

Aerial Tutorial!

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Ella gives you an Aerial tutorial! Just keep trying!

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