Tonight with Deepak Chaurasia: Exploring the truth of Asaram Bapu

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India News sting operation - Asaram had complained to the jail authorities that he had been suffering from insomnia and bodyache for quite some time. For Mor...

Asaram Bapu Interrogated by Asaram Bapu

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Jay Hind! Episode 354 : Segment 3 - Yes. Asaram Bapu claims he is the only one who is qualified to interrogate Asaram Bapu. And he did interrogate himself. W...

Asaram bapu's lucky Pigeon

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Shiva was also jailed with Asaram and just bail out . Asaram Shiva also came up in jail several times . According to sources, the film stars Shiva , which co...

Tonight with Deepak Chaurasia: Asaram Bapu the thief of Income Tax

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Self-proclaimed godman Asaram, under arrest on charges of sexually abusing a minor, has for the last 10 years not paid the property tax for the ashram he has...

Asaram bapu scandal: Godman used to take drugs, and test it on Minor girls

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India News :India News : Asaram asking for a special medicine and a Ayurvedic lady doctor for his treatment in jail.A former Ayurvedic doctor of Asaram revea...

EXCLUSIVE: Rape allegations against me is a conspiracy: Asaram Bapu to ABP News

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Talking exclusively to ABP News from his congregation in Indore, self-styled godman Asaram Bapu has alleged that a political conspiracy has been hatched agai...

Deepak Chaurasia Exclusive : Ramdev baba speaks on Asaram Bapu and accusations

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India News: India News Editor-in --chief Deepak Chaurasia had straight talk with Baba Ramdev. In this programe Baba Ramdev discussed about his future course ...

India Tv Exclusive Debate on the bare truth of Asaram Bapu's Ashram Part 1

  • Length: 16:2
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