Asaram Bapu (Hidden Truth) Part-1

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See the hidden truth about world famous Sant Shri Asaram Ji Bapu case and judge yourself what is case and what is showing Indian Paid Media. If you are India...

Special Debate on Asaram Bapu Case

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Special Debate on Asaram Bapu Case.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar comments on Asaram Bapu

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Asaram bapu scandal: Godman used to take drugs, and test it on Minor girls

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India News :India News : Asaram asking for a special medicine and a Ayurvedic lady doctor for his treatment in jail.A former Ayurvedic doctor of Asaram revea...

Beech Bahas: Why did Supreme Court rejects Asaram Bapu's bail plea, says 'no urgency' ?

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In a setback to self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, the Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected his plea for bail on health grounds. Asaram, 72, was put under arrest a...

Vardaat: Murder of Asaram Bapu's close aide (Full)

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More than two weeks after he was shot at from close range, jailed self-styled godman Asaram's former aide and Ayurveda doctor Amrut Prajapati died at his res...

Watch video: Asaram Bapu's seen rubbing his hand on a woman's body

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Rajasthan Police has submitted a sleazy video in the session court showing the spiritual guru Asaram Bapu is seen rubbing his hand on a woman's body while an...

Sant Asaram Bapu ji`s Miraculous escape in Helicopter Accident ( Flames and crashed into 3 pieces)

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Divine miracle -- Helicopter crashed into pieces and Sant Shri Asaram Bapu ji completely safe Sant Shri Asaram Bapuji's satsang was organised on 29thAugust a...

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