Bill Nye's Open Letter to President Barack Obama

  • Length: 3:23
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  • Author: The Planetary Society


Stand with the Planetary Society and with Bill. Write the President and your elected officials and tell them to #FundPlanetary:

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama for President

  • Length: 12:28
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  • Author: BarackObamadotcom


Obama 2012: Are you in? On NBC's Meet The Press, General Colin Powell announced his support for Barack Obama. October 1...

President Obama asks America to learn computer science

  • Length: 1:18
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President Barack Obama asks every American to give it a shot to learn to computer science, kicking off the Hour of Code campaign for Computer Science Educati...

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America

  • Length: 3:50
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  • Author: SoulPancake


After previously only speaking via can and string, Kid President and President Barack Obama finally meet face to face. The two met in the Oval Office to disc...

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama for president בחירות ארצות הברית 2012.wmv

  • Length: 28:14
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  • Author: Moshe Shak


This is the second election video indicating a preference for Mitt Romney to win. In in the first matrix one term read as: "He will rule". It can also be rea...

President Barack Obama Victory Speech 2012: Election Remarks From Chicago Illinois

  • Length: 21:2
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  • Author: ABC News


President Obama wins 2012 election, thanks supporters and speaks of moving the country forward.

Barack Obama's Presidential Announcement

  • Length: 22:4
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  • Author: BarackObamadotcom


Barack Obama's Presidential Announcement in Springfield, Illinois.

President Barack Obama and Seventh-day Adventists

  • Length: 2:4
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  • Author: Blacksdahistory


Dr. Benjamin Baker reveals Barack Obama's ties to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Video courtesy of Adventist News Networks (

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