Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera

  • Length: 3:37
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  • Author: Motorcycle


boat in Storm - Terrifying Monster Waves! Ships in Storm - Monster Waves of The Sea vidoe amazing awesome epic insane ship ships boat boats cruise launch fai...

Seven Person Boat Crash

  • Length: 6:18
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  • Author: funnyfailsfilter


Customs and Border Protection - Boat Chase Demo

  • Length: 7:54
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  • Author: AiirSource


Demonstration of CBP Air and Marine Open Ocean Chase of Suspect Vessel using 39' Midnight Express Boat and 38' Secure All-Around Flotation Equipped (SAFE) Bo...

SUPER FAST stealth attack boat for the US military and Navy

  • Length: 5:43
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  • Author: ArmedForcesUpdate


Another great idea for the us military and us navy . This fast attack stealth boat will make a difference. GHOST is a super-cavitating surface craft which is...

Horrible boat crashes #1

  • Length: 10:6
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  • Author: WorldCrashs


Solo-Launching a Big Boat

  • Length: 10:27
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  • Author: boatinglocal


Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters on Cape Cod walks you through the steps he uses to launch his 33-foot Contender center console singlehanded. Check out...

Debt-free boat tiny home for family of 3 on Portland island

  • Length: 17:56
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  • View Count: 296649
  • Author: Kirsten Dirksen


Jane and Tony had lived on a sailboat when they were child-free and loved it, so when their landlord raised the rent on their 960-square-foot apartment by 19...

Collection Of Funny Boat Crashes And Boat Fails

  • Length: 4:20
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  • Author: Chris Hughes


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