Top Bullfighters Saves of 2014 (PBR)

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PBR has the best bullfighters and here is why, check out the best saves made in the first half of the 2014 season. For more on the PBR, visit: http://www.PBR...

Rodeo Bullfighters Distract Angry, One-Ton Animals

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In the world of professional bull riding, the actual bull riders get the glory, but the role of the bullfighters is equally essential—and just as dangerous. ...

Dusty Tuckness 2013 NFR Bullfighter - Promo Video

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Dusty Tuckness 2013 NFR Bullfighter - Promo Video.

Bull fighter carnage YouTube sharing

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Bull Fighter Gored Through Face (Longer Version)

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WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES !! Bull fighter Juan José Padilla was gored via bull on 10/7/11 in Zaragoza Spain.The bulls horn entered behind the ear and exited out...

PADILLA, toros en jaen 2013 AECC. the best spanish bullfighter 2013. bull spanish. Andalucia tourism

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Toros en Jaén en beneficio de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer.

Amateur Bull Fighter Gets WRECKED | Taking Life By the Horns

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Getting this bull prepped for the big times, these amateur bull fighters get a little too close to the bull and one of them winds up getting in some serious ...

Funny Bull Fighter 2014

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