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Yamaha R6's take on Atlanta - C2W and YummiR6 Dual Vlog - Part 1

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Check out other other half on YummiR6's channel - Uber Code - cmq7j CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE: ----------------------------------------------...

Blue vs Red Ep.01: C2W DUAL VLOG!

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Dual vlog series between C2W and myself! What do you guys think? Dont forget to watch Part 2: Like video games? FOLLOW!

C2W Meet-Up 2015 - The Pre-Meet

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Wow, what can I say? I will be splitting this video into 4 sections. The Pre-Meet, The Meet, Blood Mountain, and Shenanigans (bonus material). Make sure to stay tuned! It was great meeting...

C2W goes to Jail!

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If you get caught make sure you look good doing it! So I *did* technically go to jail after being pulled over. This is that story. Settle in. Strong language warning....

C2W Face Reveal? + RideVictoria!

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My thoughts on face reveals in general, a bit of lane splitting, and I introduce a very cool motovlogger you should check out: RideVictoria: Second channel:...

Track Day Vlog w/ C2W and Mizshift

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Track day at Jennings GP ds83 & The R3sistance Merch @ communication set up: smh10 and bluetooth backpack ...


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My tolerance for people talking on cellphones has been reduced a thousandfold ever since I started riding. I can't stand it =(. Subscribe for...

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