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New Baby Chicks

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On 6/24/09 we received 28 Light Brahma chicks through the mail.

Terry Crews Recreates White Chicks Moment - Lip Sync Battle

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Terry Crews and Mike Tyson battle it out on Lip Sync Battle. But Mike Tyson forgot to lip sync, and instead put all of his focus into some enthusiastic dance moves. ------------------------------...

Chick hatching

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Chick hatching.

Dog (half Coyote/Retriever) adopts 10 baby chicks

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They showed up in our yard one morning and it was love at first sight.

How to raise baby chickens/chicks.

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How to take care of hatchlings .Our chicks came in the mail. Learn how to feed and water them when they are hatchlings. My next video will be time lapse from chick to when they start laying....

How its Made Hatchery Chicks

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Follow us on Facebook Page: How its Made Hatchery Chicks Show created by Gabriel Hoss. The show is presented on the Science Channel in the US, ...

Chick Hatching Video

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A video of hatching chicks we made for UCanHatchUs - a company based in Perth, Western Australia. They'll bring the chick or duck eggs and incubator to your home, school, library, nursing home,...

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