Chlorine - Periodic Table of Videos

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Here's a new chlorine video demonstrating this extremely reactive and dangerous gas, which was used as a weapon in World War I. More at http://www.periodicvi...

Chlorine Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Kyra Sedgwick Movie HD

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Reactions of chlorine

  • Length: 5:34
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  • Author: Hegelrast


A few interesting and typical reactions of chlorine are demonstrated. Chlorine is reacted with two metals (sodium and iron) and with a non-metal (phosphorus)...

Chlorine in Tap Water - Watch How Fast It Absorbs into Your Skin

  • Length: 2:36
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  • Author: ewswater


Chlorine is in 100% of municipal (city) tap water in the United States. About 22% of water districts use chloramine, a corrosive combination of chlorine and ...

Making Chlorine Gas

  • Length: 3:43
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  • Author: Silvia Merlino


Using bleach and vinegar to make chlorine gas.

Graniteville Chlorine Disaster - Short trailer - Full length version is 16 min!

  • Length: 3:39
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  • Author: 90 Sekunder MSB


The full length version of this documentary is available on 90 Seconds #03-2012.

Preparation of chlorine

  • Length: 3:54
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The most common laboratory methods for the production of small quantities of chlorine gas are shown. The system of choice is the reaction of trichloroisocyan...

What is Chlorine?

  • Length: 1:51
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  • Author: BetahProductions


Not much time to make it, but a project for my Chemistry Class.

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