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Chlorine - Periodic Table of Videos

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Here's a new chlorine video demonstrating this extremely reactive and dangerous gas, which was used as a weapon in World War I. More at

Title Fight - "Chlorine"

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"Chlorine" by Title Fight from the album 'Hyperview,' out now Download on iTunes: Starring: Mark Burnham Jonny Look: Director Chris Mast & Ryan Keller:...

Reactions of chlorine

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A few interesting and typical reactions of chlorine are demonstrated. Chlorine is reacted with two metals (sodium and iron) and with a non-metal (phosphorus) to form the corresponding chlorides,...

Chlorine in Tap Water - Watch How Fast It Absorbs into Your Skin

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Chlorine is in 100% of municipal (city) tap water in the United States. About 22% of water districts use chloramine, a corrosive combination of chlorine and ammonia. Chlorine is a recognized...

Chlorine and War - Periodic Table of Videos

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A video to coincide with 100 years since Chlorine was first used as a weapon of war. Chlorine: Sarin Gas: More chemistry at http://www.per...

How to Make Pure Chlorine Gas

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Please ask any questions in the comments! Warning: Go to these sites for full safety information on the chemicals used and produced in this video. Hydrochloric acid:

Chlorine Leak

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