Top 10 Movie Score Composers

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No movie would be complete without these musically inclined individuals. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie score ...

Composers Roundtable Full Interview

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Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave, Rush), Christophe Peck (Frozen), Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips), Thomas Newman (Saving Mr. Banks), Steven Price (Gravity) an...

10 Favorite Baroque Composers

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A video containing music from my 10 favorite 'classical' composers. The list is only loosely in order from favorite to most favorite. Naturally, I have many ...

Top 10 Classical Music Composers

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Criteria: - Composers from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods and excluding 20th century classical composers. They lived to create music. Join http:...

Great Composers: "Beethoven Ludwig van"

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This video is part of the iNTERSiDEA Open Source Academy selection. We select and share funny and instructive videos, to allow everyone to access useful info...

Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer & Danny Elfman Talk Music : The Full Composer Roundtable

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Marco Beltrami (The Homesman), Danny Elfman (Big Eyes), John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon 2), Trent Reznor (Gone Girl) and Hans Zimmer (Interstellar) dis...

Top 20 Classical Music Composers

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  • Author: The Spirit of Classical Music


20.Antonin Dvorak 19.Giuseppe Verdi 18.Domenico Scarlatti 17.Claude Debussy 16.Georges Bizet 15.Franz Liszt 14.Johannes Brahms 13.Sergei Rachmaninov 12.Johan...

《BBC Great Composers》: Puccini

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Welcome to visit Classical Museum to enjoy the Classical Music: Giacomo Puccini (Itali...

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