Composers Roundtable Full Interview

  • Length: 44:56
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  • Author: The Hollywood Reporter


Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave, Rush), Christophe Peck (Frozen), Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips), Thomas Newman (Saving Mr. Banks), Steven Price (Gravity) an...

10 Favorite Baroque Composers

  • Length: 89:40
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  • Author: anthony223


A video containing music from my 10 favorite 'classical' composers. The list is only loosely in order from favorite to most favorite. Naturally, I have many ...

BBC: Great Composers Tchaikovsky BBC偉大的作曲家(三) 柴可夫斯基

  • Length: 59:1
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  • Author: C. Joseph


Tchaikovsky's musical scores are lyrical, romantic and deeply emotional. This film endeavours to put the composer in context alongside Tolstoy as one of the ...

Great Composers -Bach-BBC-1997

  • Length: 58:45
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  • Author: TianXiaWeiGong


Compiled as one video from 7 parts previously posted on Youtube.

Top 20 Classical Music Composers

  • Length: 11:39
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  • Author: The Spirit of Classical Music


Top 20 Composers: 20.Claude Debussy - Claire de Lune 19.Antonin Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 (New World) 18.Felix Mendelssohn - Spring Song 17.Jacques Offenbach -...

The Best of Russian Composers (Glinka to Shostakovich)

  • Length: 6:51
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  • Author: 0OoFACUoO0


This is a simple selection of works by some of the greatest russian composers: 1) Glinka: Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture. 2) Borodin: Polovtsian Dances (Prince...

Great Classical Music Composers, part 1

  • Length: 9:44
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  • Author: paxukulele


First of a 15-part series featuring excerpts from music by the greatest composers of classical music. The original keonepax series featured 7 parts and 4 "en...

The Composers: Full Uncensored Interview

  • Length: 64:51
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  • Author: The Hollywood Reporter


Full uncensored interview with our composer roundtable guests. Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Fernando Velasquez, Mychael Danna, Marco Beltrami and Patrick...

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