Top 5 Best Game Consoles Ever!

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Audible: What's your favorite video game console ever? Subscribe! Sega Channel for Genesis: ...

Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles

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Thumbnail image credit: Criteria: Specific hardware blunders rather than fads or trends. They can't all be winners. Join http:...

GTA San Andreas - NEW Re-Release Coming To Consoles & PC!

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Will update this description later, uploading this from my phone in the library xD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☆Keep Up With Me...

Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles - AVGN Clip Collection

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This is a new thing we started called "AVGN Clip Collection". It's a look back at highlights from the series, each with a top 10 theme. These are picks for t...

Top 10 Best Video Game Consoles

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Criteria: status, lasting appeal and impact, rather than pure pixel pushing power. Omitting all-encompassing tech items of the PC and iOS portable devices in...


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JOGOS IMPOSSÍVEIS - MEGA DRIVE: Todo mundo gosta de videogame, mas e desses aí? Conheça 5 videogames bizarros e desconhecidos. ME...

Pong Consoles - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 89

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Consoles Portáteis - Platina

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