Sodapoppin vs. Mercader w/Chat (Kicked from Dara Mactire Drama Aftermath)

  • Length: 119:29
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  • Author: stabbymcgoo


People keep asking wtf happened.. here's your answer... i'm to damn lazy to edit, so this is a long ass video. drama at its finest. Merc out!

2.2k Rated Battlegrounds with Dara Mactire - Dropping Bombs (Making em quit)

  • Length: 16:18
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  • Author: DaraMactire


Dpain takes us for another look at what its like doing 2.2k+ rbgs. Visit his channel at Music Included: Monstercat - Evolution - A...

Dara Mactire | Unity

  • Length: 1:13
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  • Author: DaraMactire


We are United , team of gamers working together to fire up PvP! Music : Ultranumb ~ Blue Stahli Check out Blue Stahli :

Psymetheus (WoW Machinima feat Dara Mactire vs. 50-man Multiboxer)

  • Length: 6:48
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  • View Count: 46627
  • Author: Psynaps


Thanks Dara Mactire and all the PvPers that helped me get the awesome wPvP footage on Darkspear! Intro Giveaways and tutorials coming next! See more at http:...

Dara Mactire | Unification

  • Length: 3:15
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  • Author: DaraMactire


Again Dara Mactire Lights up the PvP World HOWL!! Music By Victorius | Saints and Sins ~ Courtesy Team DA Edited By N3rkmind ,speci...

♠ Dara Mactire PvP - 1 vs 2 Arena! ( Rogue VS Double Rogue )

  • Length: 3:55
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  • Author: DaraMactire


Nerkmind brings us footage of him taking on 2 Rogue at once during his points capping game! N3rkmind : Feint - Past Futu...

[LiveStream] EPIC WORLD PVP on Darkspear! (Dara Mactire & World PvPs Finest VS HORDE!)

  • Length: 202:40
  • Rating Average: 4.6297874' max='5' min='1' numRaters='235' rel=' from people
  • View Count: 12621
  • Author: Sacredheals


3v3s: From 0:00-48:00 World PvP: From 1:20:00 - 3:22:00 EPIC Orgrimmar Ownage! Start at 2:38:10.

Dara Mactire- 2200+ Ret Paladin 2v2 Commentary Ft. Kereden

  • Length: 5:52
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  • View Count: 6050
  • Author: DaraMactire


Here is Kereden sharing gameplay and thoughs of some of his 2v2 games. He is a 2200+ Ret Paladin from our very own guild! YouTube Channel:

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