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GameStop & Hastings Dumpster Dive - THE GREATEST DIVE EVER! - Week 12

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Here is the link to my eBay and my brother's eBay (he has LOTs of rare gaming deals and such sometimes) : My Wii...

EDM dumpster first official mix

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Compilation of our bangers. Tracklist: Super Jam (Original Mix) - Will Moore Who - Tujamo & Plastik Funk Pair of Dice - Tiesto & Allure Epic - Sando Silva & Quintino Replic - Afrojack No...

My Biggest and Best Dumpster Dive Haul EVER!!!!

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Thank you dumpster gods! I totally scored!!! This is the biggest dumpster dive haul I have ever had, and I got so much good stuff. I love it! Tons of it will be donated to people in need. Feed...

GameStop Dumpster Dive MONDO HAUL - Week 1 - Live Dive

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Hey guys! FINALLY, week 1 Dumpster Dive, although this was all in one day, it went so great! Got a lot of things! And I'll be doing a giveaway here soon! Thanks so much for checking us out!...

Dumpster Diving Buddies

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Here's the only dumpster diving adventure I got to have on our road trip this summer. We stopped in to see our buddy, Allen of Freespeachrulez. We found some pretty cool stuff (I'm sorry, I...

$1,086 DUMPSTER DIVE Haul + Follow Me Dumpster Diving HUGE SCORE Pooping My Pants!

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I didn't wash my hair or fix my makeup before making this video after sweating all day digging in dumpsters. I am pretty ugly but took it to a whole new level in this video. I also didn't edit...

Hastings Dumpster Dive - HOLY HAUL WOW! - Week 16

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HEY! Here's my brother's eBay account: Here's my eBay account, I will post stuff when I can! Twitter: @TaylorReidSmith...

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