GameStop Dumpster Dive - THE GREATEST DIVE EVER! - Week 12

  • Length: 15:40
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  • Author: Tales Of Taylor


Here is the link to my eBay and my brother's eBay (he has LOTs of rare gaming deals and such sometimes) : http://www.eb...

GameStop Dumpster Dive MONDO HAUL - Week 1 - Live Dive

  • Length: 14:45
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  • View Count: 56397
  • Author: Tales Of Taylor


Hey guys! FINALLY, week 1 Dumpster Dive, although this was all in one day, it went so great! Got a lot of things! And I'll be doing a giveaway here soon! Tha...

Dumpster Diving Buddies

  • Length: 4:47
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  • Author: AMomentWithRachael


Here's the only dumpster diving adventure I got to have on our road trip this summer. We stopped in to see our buddy, Allen of Freespeachrulez. We found some...

Dumpster Diving: Massive Dollar Tree Finds

  • Length: 10:31
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  • View Count: 70021
  • Author: Mom The Ebayer


Willy Wonka Has NOTHING on me :) Find Me On: Hey Guys You Can Find Me On: ( LINKS BELOW) Facebook: Facebook:

Dumpster Truck | Formation and Uses

  • Length: 2:32
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  • Author: Kids Tv Channel


Watch as toys come to life! This video targets children, stimulating their imagination with the help of colorful objects. Each episode will help the child de...

Follow Me Around DUMPSTER DIVING + Dumpster Dive HAUL + Our First Encounter with a LOCKED Dumpster

  • Length: 27:12
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  • View Count: 18478
  • Author: xpurr


follow me and my boyfriend around to various dumpsters while we dumpster dive. My boyfriend does some legitimate dumpster diving, I continue to make an ass o...

Gamestop Dumpster Dive finds: Controllers, Xbox 360 games, cases #8 (2013)

  • Length: 13:22
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  • View Count: 87641
  • Author: KamaiKazeFTW


i haven't gone gamestop dumpster diving in awhile because nothing i found wasn't any good or worth finding. but now that i tried again i found some things wo...

GameStop dumpster dive biggest find ever!!!! #46

  • Length: 14:10
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  • View Count: 492189
  • Author: fig915


went dumpster diving and found what for me is the best and biggest find ever!!!!!

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