my amsterdammers: what are dutch people like?

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i ask some of my friends to discuss whether there is such a thing as 'what dutch people are like'. lots of theories. (me i agree with tommy the drummer near ...

Learn Dutch - Dutch in Three Minutes - Greetings

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Tags: Learn common Dutch greetings with our Dutch in Three Minutes series! In the Netherlands, manners are important, and this ste...

Christina Applegate On Freaky Dutch Traditions

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The Dutch love to threaten naughty kids that a demon will take them away to Spain. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube c...

Dutch honor MH17 passengers

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The Dutch people pay respects as the first remains of the victims of Malaysia Flight 17 arrive in the country.

Fighting near MH17 crash site hinders Dutch team visit

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International experts abandoned their plans on Sunday to go to the site where a Malaysian airliner crashed because of fighting between rebels and Ukrainian troops in the area. MORE

Malaysian Crash MH17 Victims Arrive on Dutch Soil

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- The Netherlands, having its first national day of mourning in more than half a century, today witnessed the arrival of 40 coffins with bodies and remains of those who...

Easy Dutch - Best of Basic Phrases

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This video is quite popular so we took the same list of sentences and asked people of Enschede to tell them for us again: Easy Dutch Episode 1 - Best of Basi...

How To Trick People into Thinking you can Speak Dutch

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I teach you useful things. You are welcome. More of me: Subscribe: Twitter: Tumblr: htt...

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