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Minecraft 1.9 - How to Find Strongholds (Eye of Ender)

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If you guys enjoyed help out with a Like! Pre-Release 4 Download: Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4 1.9 Eye of Ender Stronghold...

Minecraft 360: How to use Eye of Ender and find Strongholds (Tips And Tricks)

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Click SEE MORE! Mushroom Biome And Mooshrooms? Whats all new in 1.0.1? Snow Golem's: We have ...

Minecraft - EYE OF ENDER

  • Length: 11:53
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Join the Audience!! Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Shirts (US) l Shirts (EU)...

Minecraft How to Make: Eyes of Ender and Ender Chests

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This video looks at Eyes of Ender, orb like items that locate Ender strongholds and repair End portal frames and Ender chests, made with Eyes of Ender and obsidian. Chests that teleport items...

Minecraft - 6 Uses of Ender Eyes

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Eyes of Ender are one of the more interesting items in-game. Because of that, I'll show you 6 unique ways you can use them. Note: Uses #2 & #3 aren't achievable on Survival as they require...

♪ Eye of the Ender - Minecraft Parody of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

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Download the song: Subscribe to Kugo: Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to join the RESISTANCE! ~Find other parts and similar videos here:.

Minecraft (Xbox 360) - How To Find Strongholds | End Portals (Eye of Ender Tutorial)

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Here is a video Guide on how to use the Eye of Ender in Minecraft Xbox 360. This is used to locate Strongholds/End Portals. We will get to activate End Portals in later updates but the Eye...

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